Building our New House

We’ve been busy building our new home this year. Here are a few pictures of the process.
3851 - Excavation-01


















5 responses to “Building our New House

  1. Hello, Emma! Yes, I do plan to update the blog with pictures as the process of building the house continues. It is indeed a craftsman/prairie style house building style. I wish this style would make a come back as the houses possess an understated but formidable presence. There is a huge craftsman/prairie style home not far from where we currently live and it’s amazing from the outside and compared to ours, humongous! I wish I could see the inside.

  2. I did not know you were building a new house! How exciting! How many rooms will it have? Good luck with everything. When will it be finished?

    • Thank you, Eva! They are quite behind unfortunately. Initially there was no good reason for it, and now the weather. We had several inches of snow over night and it’s still snowing now at almost 9 AM. The house will have five bedrooms. What I am most excited about is the kitchen with walk-in pantry, mudroom, and adjacent laundry room. My FIL will finally get a nice suite to himself on the main level. His old knees are getting quite creaky with disuse and walking upstairs to take a bath isn’t easy for him. I’ll post more pictures soon, they should start dry-walling this week.

      • Your kitchen sounds like a dream come true. I hope you are enjoying it! And so nice your father-in-law can be living with you. My great-grandfather lived with us until he died. He even taught me how to read. He was a former “Volksschullehrer.”

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