Apples, Apples Everywhere!

A few days ago, we went along with some very dear friends to a nearby Apple Orchard. By ‘we’ I mean Bear and I, because Missy is too allergic to enjoy this and IT man was working. They took us into the ‘Pick it yourself’ Orchard section via tractor ride. That was a lot of fun!
It was a picture perfect day in every sense. The temperatures were pleasant and the light breeze every now and then a delight. White puffy clouds dotted a bright blue sky above rolling hills.
Getting off the flatbed and ready for some apple picking action!
We all liked the Empire Apples the best. Sweet and juicy, but also crunchy and crisp. The perfect apple in my opinion.
The man who took us to the orchard showed us how to pick apples to reduce wastage.
We were allowed to pick one for tasting before plucking more.
Here is my friend’s son expertly cutting an apple.
Cookie Monster loves apples too!
Since it was the first day of ‘Pick your own’ the trees were over burdened by a bounty of fruit.
A small handcart supplied by the orchard proved very handy!
What fun we all had. The day was concluded with a lovely picnic and a trip to the orchard store full of goodies.
Isn’t that something!


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  1. So nice to see your pictures of the apple picking! Too bad, your daughter could not go along. It looks like a great time.

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