And so it continues…

Although Thanksgiving was a blessedly relaxed affair with no visitors or shopping, I was none-the-less busy. I had to spend two weeks at the office to fill in for a staffer on vacation, and then my daughter go sick with a really nasty cold. And then I got sick with that same nasty bug. And of course, as these things go, my son got sick, my dog got sick, my husband got sick and now my poor FIL is sick. My sweet friend, Madame C from A Homeschool Story, brought us a delicious home-baked loaf of bread and a large container of soup during my worst days. A testament to her cooking skills came when my FIL, not normally a person given to saying anything more than ‘it’s alright’ about anything I cook, praised the soup and the bread to the high heavens. I must agree with him. It was great! And not having to cook while being so completely miserable was wonderful.

Meanwhile the Dry-wallers at the house finished up and the painters and trim workers moved in on the new abode. Also finally over a month late the stone workers are putting up the stone on the exterior. The garage still has no garage door (six weeks late, I think)  and is now so full, even if they wanted to install it, would have to wait for the trim people to bring in all the cabinetry, doors, and trim that has covered most of the three car garage. They have mounted something meanwhile to at least secure the stuff inside.

As for us we still can’t believe this is going to be ours someday soon. What an odd feeling.

3851 - Front_01

3851 - Drywall_01

3851 - Drywall_02

3851 - Drywall_04

3851 - Drywall_06

3851 - Drywall_03

3851 - Drywall_05

3851 - Side


  1. Es beeindruckt mich immer wieder, solch grosszügige Häuser zu sehen. Auf der anderen Seite des Atlantiks, und insbesondere in der engen Schweiz, können sich solche Häuser nur Millionäre leisten.

    • Ja, das Haus ist sehr grosszügig, und dabei nicht mal das grösste in der Nachbarschaft, sondern eher einer der kleineren. Hier werden die Dinger auch eher mit Holz und Pappe zusammengebaut. Oder so sieht es zumindest aus. Durch die ‘forced air central’ Heizungen brauchen wir hohle Wände und viel Abdichtungsmaterial, und mit Ziegelsteinen geht das wohl nicht so gut.

    • Thanks for your comments. The walls are not staying white. If it had been up to me and my inability to choose colors, then yes. But the interior decorator who helped us design the house provided us with guidance and the house is currently being painted, floors are going in, cabinets are being hung, and trim is going up as well. Going there is like Christmas every day!

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