So I cancelled Thanksgiving this year….

… as you can imagine, that didn’t go down well. Particularly with my husband.

‘I am superstitious’  he exclaimed in a rather plaintive manner.

‘Fine, be that way’ I am not killing myself over Thanksgiving this year,’ I said turning way to grab the car keys to run an errand.

Between everything that’s going on right now with building, constant meetings and whatnot, I just couldn’t see myself adding Thanksgiving to it. That would have meant, polishing silver, replacing the kitchen faucet, shampooing carpet, cleaning like possessed, and so on.

No thank you.

My kids are disappointed. They love having Aunt Catherine and Uncle James over. And so do I. But this year I just can’t.

My daughter remarked yesterday how she doesn’t ever remember us being so relaxed and calm days before Thanksgiving, and I realized that she is right. I feel so completely not stressed, it’s something to behold.  Bear, of course was mourning his beloved Turkey dinner until I assured him that we will be having a scaled down version of it, just not the mega free range turkey we buy usually. Chaching…..$70 savings right there. Yup. We buy this free-range bird from a local farmer and it’s freaking delicious but also pricey. This year I am buying a turkey breast from the store. There will be stuffing, potatoes, green beans , etc, and all this will be eaten in an imperfect house, and it’ll be awesome!

And I’ll be so calm and relaxed, I won’t know what to do with myself!



  1. Ist es wirklich so, dass in Amerika Thanksgiving wichtiger ist als Weihnachten?
    Ich hab absolut Verständnis dafür, dass du dir den Stress mit dem Vollprogramm unter den gegebenen Umständen ersparen willst.
    Dennoch: Happy Thangsgiving!

  2. Ja, Thanksgiving ist etwa so wichtig wie Weihnachten. Was ich gerne mag ist das es partout nichts mit Geschenken zu tun hat. Normalerweise laden wir ein Ehepaar ein, gute Freunde von uns, die leider selber so etwas großes nicht kochen können. Sie hat MS.

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