Re-invent – Re-discover

It’s been a while since I blogged, and I am not even sure I’ll come back to it. Between not having a lap top these last few years (my daughter practically found it to be more necessary to her than oxygen) , and my muse being on a sabbatical, my words and thoughts foundered. Unlike some of my talented friends, I have no true skill with words, and less education to put behind it, so when I re-examine anything I have ever written, I cringe and withdraw.

Much has happened in the past few years. After we moved in I stopped homeschooling completely. Anna was happy in her high school and Alex was enrolled in sixth grade at the nearby grade school. He just completed seventh grade and is one year away from high school. Good grief… where did my life go? And Anna? Well, she is on her way to starting college in Fall. Her initial goal had been a science based education, a major in physics and a double major in film. Yes, you read that right. By you I mean no one, really, but it was fun to write all the same.  But during orientation her true love (for now) became known and she plans to become a human rights lawyer and documentary film maker. All I could think of was ‘swell, the kind of person who lives poor and gets shot at when they piss the wrong people off.’ With her chronic illness she needs good life insurance, but in her limited vision as a teenager she doesn’t want to acknowledge that. Of course this  all doesn’t matter if #45 has his way and health insurance companies can discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.

So, here I am. 49 years old in a few weeks. Looking to re-invent myself once again. Anna got a new laptop and so I got the old one back. It took me two days to delete old bookmarks from 2011 onwards. Many links no longer existed, many no longer apply. It’s time to decide where my next five years will lead me. Hopefully to a new laptop. Just kidding. This one is fine. It dies easily, but then… it’s had a rough life.

I want to refocus on writing a little here (in addition to my  online writing group), on my cooking (in particular as it applies to my change in diet), and my craft… knitting and crochet. Let’s see where this goes.


    • Thank you. I still stop by your blog ever so often. That math cake looked scrumptious. We used baking too to work on fractions. Those were the days.

      • Yes, I am sure I will miss those hands-on projects once they are over. They are messy, but fun! Your daughter has interesting plans, Charlotte is still finishing up some school work and is not quite sure what will happen then. It is not an easy time for a young person. Good luck with your decisions.

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