Cabin Trip – 5 Year Anniversary


A few days ago I booked our yearly Cabin trip and now I find myself yearning for autumn to come.

This will be our fifth year doing this and it has lost none of it’s original magic or charm. Last year we added another night to it. E who is a teacher cannot attend that day, comes Friday evening, so Thursday is a day where A and I potter about, and begin our cherished weekend.

The other thing that has changed is our venue. We spent our first two years in a charming cabin in Camanche Iowa in a camp ground. The cabin had one room, a bathroom without ceiling (stool and sink only), a loft with mattresses, and a futon sleeper. The kitchen consisted of a tiny, temperamental microwave, a dorm size refrigerator, and a kitchen sink. While it was without a doubt charming time in the tiny log cabin, we much prefer the luxury of the other place we frequent now. Also in Iowa, the cabin is in a much quieter location which we prefer a great deal.  The cabin is furnished with a great room with a full size kitchen, a large full bath (with ceiling, thank you very much), and a separate bedroom. Additional bonuses are the fact that the water doesn’t stink of sulfur, and we don’t need to bring our own wood, since the camp ground provides an unlimited supply of wood.

PicMonkey Image

The trails are also better and we never see another person when we go out and walk. Talking of which I should start walking again, I’ve become such a desk jockey I never get of my ample behind anymore.

With global warming our camping trips can now easily be moved into the later part of the year, we went in December last year, without it being too cold to spend the day outside, by the fire. The previous year’s visit was so warm that we were so besieged by mosquitoes that we didn’t take more than one hike. Well, now, I call it a hike in spirit with the whole cabin thing, it really is just a very long walk.

We bring our knitting and crochet, delicious, wines, teas, and all kinds of good food, and enjoy the most restorative weekend imaginable as we talk about ourselves, our growth, our observances, and experiences, our families, and the changes in our lives.

I learn so much from these two wonderful women each time we are together and wish we could meet more frequently, but this yearly trip is something I cherish with all my heart and every fiber of my being. Here are a few pictures from previous years.

Cabin Collage_1


  1. I hope you will have a wonderful time, especially in the new cabin. I don’t want autumn to come, summer is going by so quickly this year.

  2. Hi Eva, thank you. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I can’t wait! Summer is lovely here this year with almost British temperatures these last few weeks. Such a pleasure.

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