Busy but not done.

3851_01_Exterior Front
The front of the house. The light color trim around the window is cedar wood waiting for warmer weather to be stained.


3851_01_Exterior Side
The side entrance and garage. Some wood work and staining is still waiting for warmer weather and will most likely be done after we close on the house.
3851_01_View from Mudroom
This is the view coming in from the side entrance. We jokingly refer it as the service entrance. When I was growing up we lived in a garden apartment on the lower level of a house and I remember clearly that friends never ever came in from the main entrance but always through the kitchen entrance.
3851_01_Dog Shower
View of the dog shower and laundry room. Yes, I am incredibly spoiled.
This is what the kitchen looks like right now. Painters have their tools everywhere, but they should be wrapping up soon.
First coat of paint is on and the long awaited stone is finally up on the fireplace. It is as dramatic as I hoped for.

3851_01_Fireplace Detail

My husband’s study. Mocha stained cherry coffer on the ceiling, trim, and built-ins.
3851_01_Coffer Detail
Detail of the coffer. It was absolutely fascinating to watch this coffer being built.
3851_01_FIL Bath
This is my father in-law’s shower. The flooring and mosaic band are made of tiny pebbles. Standing on the them gives a sort of gentle massaging effect. Very spiffy!
3851_01_FIL Bath Detail
Detail of the pebbles.
3851_01_White Wave
Six weeks before closing my kitchen guy calls and tells me the Cambria Quartz we had chosen months earlier was not available in the width we needed it. Several options were available, a seam down the entire length of the island, a raised stack, or a different quartz. We chose to switch to granite and picked this slab for the kitchen island. It’s called White Wave and is about the size of a small continent.


  1. Nicht zu fassen, ich glaube, deine Küche wird grösser als unsere ganze 3-Zimmer-Wohnung!
    Schon irgend eine Ahnung, ab wann ihr in eurem neuen Palast wohnen werdet?

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