Finally, and it was worth being patient for!

Great Room 01
The Great Room! Finally complete. it was an experience to watch this house grow. And with it a new appreciation for all the steps that went into creating this home. Since our flexible schedule allowed us to be there just about every day we witnessed every step and aspect of each little detail. The craftsmen were incredibly skilled and took great pride in their work. Photo by IT Man.


Sun Room 01
The sunroom off the kitchen is such a wonderful room. It’s already one of our favorite rooms and we haven’t even moved in yet! Photo by IT Man.
Kitchen 01
As seen from the Great Room, the kitchen appears massive. It is massive. To the right of the island will be our dining table. We decided against a formal dining room in the design of this home as it is so rarely used that it’s really wasted real estate. Next to the refrigerator is a walk-in pantry about which I am really excited. Photo by IT Man.
Kitchen 02
The other thing I cannot wait to enjoy is my gas range and a vent which really works. I love to cook but dislike how it makes my house and clothes smell. The tile backsplash will make cleaning up a breeze. With one exception all lower cabinet space is in the form of large, deep pull-out drawers which will maximize usable space. My trashcan drawer is equipped with a pressure sensitive servo-motor, all it takes is a nudge from my knee or hips to open the trash. A wonderful idea when I cut up raw chicken! (which I do a lot!) Photo by IT Man.
Study 01
My husband’s study with built-ins. The carpenters and painters really out did themselves.  Photo by IT Man.



Bathroom #2-01
My father in-law’s bathroom is a lovely space. The door in the picture leads to a small but efficient walk-in closet. Photo by IT Man.
Master Bedroom 01
Our East facing Master Bedroom with trayed ceiling. The color isn’t really captured well in the image as the bright light from the window competes with the dark paint. The color is actually a fairly rich brown similar to a café latte. Photo by IT Man.
Master Bath 01
Stunning is probably the only word that befits this oasis. The master bathroom has his and her’s sinks, Carrara marble shower with rain head, and a lovely deep soaking tub. I haven’t soaked in a tub in years since our current tub is reminiscent of those tiny 70’s butt squeezers that only toddlers really fit in. The tile guys who subbed on this house were a fabulous father-son team with occasional addition of another 1-2 crafts men as needed. The father had been in the business for decades and really knew his stuff, he was personable and funny and I was almost sorry when they were done with the work. Other than the ‘rug’ in the room, the floor in the shower and the detail on the wall which are Carrara marble, everything is a marble looking porcelain we chose for durability. The countertops are Carrara marble which is unfortunately already scratched up from the contractors.  Photo by IT Man. (the blue strips on the glass are masking tape and obviously don’t stay)



  1. Wow, jetzt ist der Palast also fertig. Sieht toll aus. Ich habe dir schon mal geschrieben, dass ich dich um deine Küche beneide. So eine Abfalleimertüre würde ich mir auch wünschen. 🙂
    Viel “Vergnügen” beim Einziehen.

    • Haha, das Vergnügen beim Einziehen…. ja das macht mich schon nervös. Wir packen schon und unser Haus sieht entsetzlich aus. Überall stehen Kartons, Taschen un Kram. Mein Mann liebt Zeug und ich schmeiß es gerne weg, also mal ran an die Schwarzen Abfalltaschen.

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