On my needles.

On my needles right now, or at least on active duty, are my purple sweater (back panel) knitted with a lovely and forgiving alpaca blend, a pair of super warm woolen socks, and a lovely cotton dishcloth (will show later).


    • Look who’s talking! I don’t even knit lace! But thank you all the same. What are you working on right now? And no, I don’t mean the fireplace and dozens of other frantic activities in preparation for Thanksgiving, I mean your needles. BTW, I will place order today.

  1. Das Stricken habe ich vor Jahren aufgegeben, weil ich immer alles, was ich eigentlich für mich gestrickt hatte, im Endeffekt weggab,, weil es mir an mir nicht gefiel. Ausserdem juckt Wolle ganz fürchterlich!!!

    • Thanks, Paula, I took up knitting and left painting behind because I have no dedicated space to myself where I don’t have to pick up the paints etc all the time. Besides, knitting travels, painting doesn’t. On occasion I do doodle with the color pencils on our school table.

  2. Goodness, but I need to return to comments in a more timely fashion to see what interesting answers may have popped up! You are and always will be the superior knitter, and I am stuck in a brioche moment that I am not willing to overcome just now in a shawl. However, I started a fun monster and finished a grrlfriend market bag. Nothing but quick and dirty.

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