Yarn Along

YaL _01 CollageMy friend from over at ‘A Homeschool Story’ asked me to join her in Yarn Along. Although I’ve followed Yarn Along for a long time, I’ve never joined it, so here’s a thank you for Angela for kicking me off my butt and getting me going.

The projects I am currently working on are a drop stitch scarf knit with a lovely hand-dyed linen-cotton blend. The other item is my sincere attempt at reducing some of my early beginner stash of acrylic yarns. I had knit lots as a kid and teen, and early adulthood. And then carpal tunnel syndrome stopped me from knitting for a long time. When I started again I made some simple items to regain my footing so to speak. What’s left are lots of colors which are now knit into mitered squares for a blanket.

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