Confessions and Resolutions.

6a00d834518cc969e2011168959ab2970cIn recognition to the fact that social media has had a rather noticeable negative effect on my life, I had decided to wean myself. A few weeks ago I placed some restrictions on myself and that worked relatively well but soon petered out. So, this week, my decision was to resolve to abstain from it entirely. Since Facebook is it in terms of my social media there isn’t much to tune out. But just that one thing alone ate a great deal into my life. Yes, I kept in contact with friends and family etc, but I spent hours playing games, reading stuff I already knew about, etc. So this week I shall abstain from Buzzfeed quizzes, I already know I channel Darth Vader and Voldemort. I shall not once again read about feminist issues, gay issues, vegan-meat-eating-vegetarian-gluten-yoga-cleansing-and-GMO issues, etc. A quick trip to the toilet to pee turned into a 10 minute Facebook read-a-thon.  A quick stop at the Mac to check the forecast turned into a half hour or more visit to Facebook and arguments with strangers about various issues. Why did I give enough of a shit heck to even care to write? The more I examined my problems with organizing my time, getting the things that I needed and wanted to get done, really DONE, the more I realized that the problem lay with me and my use of Facebook. Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for Facebook as I have kept contact with friends from various schools, countries, etc. But there is a lot of temptation built into that website. They designed the sticky factor too well for me. It’s time to undo the glue. Hey, it rhymes.

Therefore I resolve to instead of wasting my time on social media, I shall write long overdue letters, to long neglected friends (Why they hell aren’t they on Facebook anyway?). I shall work on my knitting, and organize the kids’ school stuff. I shall go through piles of laundry, discard those items that are no longer serviceable but do so in a black trash bag so my hubby can’t pull his stuff out and indignantly complain that these shirts are still perfectly ok to wear after all he paid ‘good money for them.’ Ahem… the collar is completely frayed’….. ‘I’ll wear them for yard work.’

He doesn’t.

I shall work on my recipe blog again. And maybe put some knitting posts to this one.

And each day this work week I shall post an update to let you (myself, who else reads this anyway) know how I did the day before.

Here’s to day # 1.

Wish me luck!


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