Random Photos and Thoughts.

Archie_Front Door
Airedale Archie’s favorite spot is by the open front door. He loves to look out of the storm door and enjoy the view. Of course he gets bent out of shape when the following pass by: Squirrels, Chipmunks, other dogs.
Butterkekse - Ostara Cookies
I felt the need for cookies. These are technically German Butterkekse which are traditionally made around Christmas. But the shape was flowery enough that these were dubbed ‘Ostara Cookies’ in observance of yesterday’s celebration of the arrival of spring.
I love eggs. Eggs, and cheese are arguable the two reasons I could never pull off being a vegan. Two are country eggs, one is a store purchase.
Those eggs minus the shell. Guess which one is the store-bought egg?
These harbingers of spring came rather late this year.

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