Groceries or What on Earth is Costing So Much Part 3

As mentioned I was going to fill in a rather sizeable gap of our monthly shopping documentation. Here is a picture of an average Sam’s Club Warehouse shopping spree.

photo-22This is a LOT of food, but it lasts a while. The Rotisserie chickens provide us with at least two dinners and a big lunch of chicken noodle soup when I convert the bony carcasses into stock. The large hunk of beef is meant two ways. Half of the beef is converted along with some vegetables into dinner for our Archie. Yes he is spoiled. He gets a half cup of the beef stew mixed with rice and kibbles for dinner.  That half lasts just short of two weeks. The other half of the roast will be turned into a goulash along with half the pack of the adorable baby bella mushrooms. That would be about one-and-a-half meals.  We eat an astonishing amount of cucumbers. Plain, in salads, as a salad, on sandwiches, with hummus… you name it. The bread is …meh….. the only ones actually liking it are my FIL and younger son (although he loves my home-baked wheat bread).  But it’s an inexpensive everyday bread. Strawberries are welcome as snacks and dessert. The whole chickens are altogether about 3-4 meals. The bag of asparagus last for several meals. We usually put them on a roasting pan along with some olive oil and garlic salt. Roast at 375 until al dente. Yum!

Rotisserie Chicken – $ 4.88 x 2
Whole uncooked Chicken – $ 11.27
Roast Beef – $ 19.42
Milk  – $ 3.05
Baguette  – $2.98
Bread – $ 2/4.28
Eggs – $ 2.08
Strawberries – $ 3.98
Cucumbers – $ 3.98
Baby Bella Mushrooms – $ 4.76
Asparagus – $ 4.98

Total cost $ 70.55




  1. You know, this is what my Sicilian husband would consider scant rations for a SINGLE MEAL. Honestly, if he finds that in the fridge, he complains there is “no food in the house” and then grumps off to the supermarket.
    Is it any wonder I find it literally impossible to stay on a diet?

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