Groceries or What on Earth is costing so much? – part 2

Here is my second trip to the grocery store. I should mention that I have neglected to photograph and document my husband’s trips to Sam’s Club warehouse where we buy eggs, milk, bread, meats and some vegetables. I’ll remedy these omissions soon.

Groceries_02This picture shows a more typical grocery shopping trip compared to my first one a week ago. Among the meals planned for the next few days are:

  • Spinach Tortellini Soup (click for the recipe here)
  • Moroccan Lentil Stew I saw on Foodgawker.
  • Vegetable Pizzas with the pita rounds.
  • Lunch meats for Bear’s school lunches.
  • The Pillsbury biscuits, frozen chopped spinach, mushrooms, and cheese will be turned into a light lunch with this recipe from my food only blog. I normally use puff pastry for that, but that’s so expensive, I wanted to try the biscuits. Alongside that will be served a heaping bowl of salad.
  • The cream was used  to make delicious strawberry scones (click for the recipe here, I changed the recipe a bit and will write about it soon).
  • The zucchini will be used to make some nutritious breakfast muffins for the family.

The Spinach Tortellini Soup uses the frozen tortellini (store brand), lite kielbasa or smoked sausage , spinach and two cans of the Northern beans you see there next to the pita. Half of the packet of fresh spinach will go into the Moroccan Lentil Soup.  Both soups are nutritious, affordable and very filling.  Two items not discussed are the carton of half and half behind the  whipping cream. I NEED that for my coffee. The applewood smoked bacon is an infrequent visitor in my budget, as we try to stay away from it for health reasons. One packet goes a long way. I use little amounts here and there to add flavor. I am German and very particular about my bacon. It must have as little fat as possible. This brand has great centercut bacon, but even then I will rifle through all the packets to find the best one. The lunch meats are mostly for the school kid. I buy the DiLusso brand even though it’s not cheap because it has the least amount of preservatives and additives. Same reason for the AE brand dairy items. All other brands have additives. AE is the only brand I find here with nothing else added to it.

Half &Half – $ 2.19
AE Whipping Cream – $ 1.39
2 Pillsbury Grand Biscuits – $ 4.56
Kraft Italian Cheese – $ 2/5.98

Chopped Spinach (Birdseye was same cost as store brand) – $ 1.49
Store Brand Tri-color Tortellini – $ 3.99

Northern beans 2/$ 2.16
Store brand Lentils – $ .99
Kellog’s Cornflakes – $ 3.19 (-3.19 due to store’s labeling error, so it was free!)
Kronos Pita – 2/ $ 5.38

DiLusso Black Forest Ham 0.5 lbs – $ 4.85
DiLusso Roast Beef 0.5 lbs – $ 4.71
Burger’s Apple Bacon – $ 6.49
Hillshire Lite Smoked Sausage – $ 3.98

2 Zucchini (rung up by them as cucumber) $ 1.38 (should have been $1.78/lb, so savings here)
Dole Spinach – $ 1.99 (there were no cheaper alternatives)
Green Bell Pepper – $ .69
Lettuce – $ 1.29
1 ‘Jumbo’ Yellow Onion – $ .57 (actually a cheaper medium, but I already saved on the zukes so I kept quiet)
8 oz. Mushrooms (on sale) – $ .98
Radishes – 2/ $ 1.78

Total cost $ 54.84

Savings with coupons and three clerk errors – $ 5.19 !!!!! Actually at least $ 1 more because of the zukes vs. cukes code error.

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