It’s been a long few months.

I am sitting in my screened-in porch, listening to the rain and thunder outside, while inside my husband and son are screaming themselves hoarse. Yay, the USA is playing well, I guess (FIFA Soccer). Edited ; it’s a draw. IT Man can barely speak this morning.

Tuxy, the opinionated Yorkie-Poo who is sharing our home for two months.

Around my feet tumble two dogs. My Archie, the Airedale extraordinaire, and my friend’s dog who is our guest for two months while they are traveling. Tuxy as the little fellow is called is a Yorkie-Poodle mix, jet black, and gifted with the typical ‘piss and vinegar’ attitude of the Yorkshire Terrier. He and Archie are having a lot of fun but like all kids have their moments and get into fights. Archie doesn’t know when enough is simply enough and eventually the little guy gets really angry and lets Archie have it.








Mama u Papa
My beautiful parents.

But I should talk about the past few months
In March I visited my parents in India for a little over a week. It was a wonderful time and we loved every minute of it. Or at least I did.






They spoiled me with foods from my childhood, we started the days talking over a cup of tea and ended them at night still talking over dinner.

Macher-Jhol. A Bengali fish stew.








Shared memories, shared joys and sadnesses. Thoughts of the future, and ponderings of the present. I hadn’t seen them for ten years. After my daughter was born we visited when she was almost three, and after that her health was so bad for so many years that I couldn’t leave her. And then, even though she was better a few years ago, I still couldn’t go because my husband spent all our extra money traveling to see his father after his mother had passed away. He was getting all their affairs in order so he could bring the old man to live with us.

My cousin and his lovely family!








So I decided to wait until the old man had settled in and then went off on my trip to India. We visited a few family members, but mostly just stayed at home chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

Fruit Vendor
These vendors are found throughout India.








In April my FIL went to the hospital with chest pains, long (and complicated) story short he ended up having a quadruple bypass surgery and with some stents still needed.

In June I took the kids to Chicago where we met for the first time her on-line friend, and the girl’s mother and brother.

2014_Chicago_All of us
My kids and I with our new friends from Florida at the Rainforest Café.







My daughter (right) and her friend in front of the Field Museum, Chicago.







As you can see we were on the giant Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier, rather than enjoying the view the boys kept playing video games.
As you can see we were on the giant Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier, rather than enjoying the view the boys kept playing video games.








It was only for three nights but we had a great time!  I got to take along a new camera! Now if I could only learn to take as nice photos as Mr. Lau from retireediary or Mia’s Landliv.

Since our income is from our business which is in real estate I am crazy busy with work. After all, it’s peak season for us. And I still need to plan Bear’s school year since he is homeschooling. Missy will be going to public school this year. Let’s see how that works. So much to doooooooo!

Well, that’s if for now. Hopefully I’ll get more time to post . Even if next to no one reads my posts, it’s still something creative I do just for myself, just because. You know?

PS, the photo look blurry at this size but OK once you click on them. Sorry.



  1. Your parents have “Der große Brockhaus”! Mine do too :). That is why you saw Mother Teresa! How did your parents meet? I know Chicago well, after all my husband and I met in South Bend and we went to Chicago quite often.

      • Honestly? At this point? I doubt it. She loved living in the country in her farm, and later in their lovely home where they retired. But they had to leave because the wells in the region ran dry. No water. Now they live in a noisy, dirty city in a very hot and humid state and I know she would love to leave.

  2. The photos look fabulous! I love the post; real life; trials and travels, food and family. It is very touching. And the dog in the first plan is the cutest thing in the whole world, ahem, if I do say so. Granted, he is a also a fart. Thank you!

    • Thank you, yes, the food was really good and I particularly enjoyed their version of re-fried beans. My mother always had effortless style, a gene I unfortunately did not inherit.

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