Garden Treasures

The bees are enjoying our dahlia flowers this year. I may plant a dahlia bush in our garden next year to lure more bees close to my veggie patch.
Black-Eyed Susan
Black-eyed Susans are an easy addition to any garden. These perennials we planted years ago and come back to cheer us up every year since.
Cone Flowe
I do so love the structural character of these cone flowers. This year has been marked by a blessed reduction of the destructive Japanese beetles which normally shred these lovely flowers. Cone flowers are perennials and are a reliable addition to any flower garden. As an added bonus, if you don’t dead head the flowers, they attract a number of birds later.
Evening sun
This lovely Double Delight tea rose caught my eye last evening as it was bathed in the last rays of sunshine. These tea roses are not only beautiful to look at, but also have a heady scent. Our roses have never looked more beautiful than this year. I think the lower than average temperatures have much to do with it.
No fail potted plants, Geraniums. They do like sunshine, but prefer a wee bit of shade from the hottest rays of the afternoon.
We have two lovely pots with this grass sitting on the pillars leading to our garden.
I am fascinated by textures and colors of the not-so-often-noticed things nature blesses us with. This old wood has been exposed to the elements for years and has lichen giving it the texture and color. When I find my husband’s macro lens I will take some detailed images.
Morning Dew_01
Dew drops on grass. What else is there to say? The graceful beauty is meditative.
Old Wood
This is the lower part of the lichen encrusted wood. See how this young tree had wound itself through the fence?


    • Thank you so much. There are so many wonderful blogs out there with amazing pictures and I never felt my garden measured up. But there are still lovely things within it. Do let me know when you have posted some. I’d love to see them.

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