School Lunch for Teens

brown-bag-lunchOh my! One kid back home for homeschool and the other off to school after 5 years of homeschooling. What a change awaits us. On a practical note, I realize that I must provide my daughter with ideas and materials for balanced, appetizing, fun, and convenient school lunches. My youngling is shy with eating around others so one of two things may happen. She will either loose a lot of weight, or she will learn how to overcome her shyness. I am hoping for the second option and will try to tempt her with many a delicious, healthy options. Fortunately Missy is a health conscious individual and so this shouldn’t be too hard. I aim to have her prep her lunch the evening before so she doesn’t have to deal with it on a busy school morning.

I am thinking flatbread roll-ups, lots of nuts and dry fruit, salads, veggies and dips. Hummus, fruit, an occasional sandwich. We’ll have to see how much talking vs. eating happens there. My high school days were spent in a boarding school in India and while we did talk an awful lot, we were also perpetually  hungry like teenagers tend to be. We were fed a lot of carbs since the school didn’t want to spend much on proteins and so us teenage girls ate a lot just to keep from feeling hungry. Lots of rice and potatoes. The boys in the boy school across the street got a lot more proteins than the girls. After all, we were just girls. I should mention that food in India is incredibly expensive. At this point it’s about 45% of ones income! Proteins are for many people simply unaffordable by now.

If you have some ideas for school lunches, please do share!!!!


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  1. My girls too chicken or egg salad or PB&J when they weren’t going to eat the school’s lunch. We were fortunate with the youngest daughter’s school. They have a garden and their cook makes everything from scratch.

    Thanks for stopping in at my blog this morning. I’m glad to have “found” you there and have added you to my Feedly.


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