Onion, the wonderful, and perfectly stinky vegetable

I know the onion isn’t the stinkiest vegetable in the world, but it certainly ranks right up there.  Lunch today was an enormous pile of home-made hummus bin tahini  (it’s healthy, right? so this doesn’t count as pigging out), sliced red onions, cucumbers and tomatoes, with some delicious, toasted pita bread.

Onions, Oh I love thee so…..

They are spicy, malodorous, and come in so many varieties. From large Vidalia’s to the humble garden chive.  And, according to Wikipedia, it is suspected that our early ancestors enjoyed them as early as seven thousand years ago.  It is debatable that those were cultivated onions, but apparently even back then people knew a good thing when they tasted it.

Seven thousand years. 7,000 years. Blimey!

Much later in history, onions were so loved, that they had become an acceptable form of payment in some parts of the world.

I knew about salt taxes, but I had no idea the folks in the Middle Ages loved onions that much too.


Now, in India, by those following a satvik diet, the onion is considered a food that stimulates the senses and leads to excesses,  particularly of the ‘sekshual’ kind.

::blink:: ::blink-blink:: ::crickets chirping:: ::blink:: ::blink-blink::

Seriously? The stinky onion as an aphrodisiac?

No thanks, pass the cinnamon roll please.

Now, I love onions, and have a hard time not putting them into my recipes. Onions, garlic, chives, oh yum! Leek soup? My Oma’s famous recipe delights guest through the decades. And chives… I could eat chives on just about anything.

Wait, I haven’t tried it on ice-cream….

Give me a crusty baguette and plain garlic butter and I’ll eat it raw before it ever makes it into the toaster oven for garlic toast.

Trust me, after I eat that my husband doesn’t feel one bit amorous.

Not tonight, honey, I have a headache.

So, do you love or hate onions? Do you eat them raw, sliced on anything, or are you like my kids. They like things flavored with onions, as long as they don’t recognize any pieces.


  1. I love onions of all kinds and so does my husband. They do have benifits…like cleaning your system out if you are constipated…lol. It is in knowing how to cut them that keeps them from making you cry…my mom taught me the secret, and it works. The other thing…you want to keep someone away from you…rub a little on your skin and sweat…lol! This was a trick my ex used in a basketball game to psych out the other team, and it worked because the other players couldn’t stand being next to him giving him the ability to shoot a record number of 3-pointers…lol.
    Onions can be a great help in many ways.

      • I have never heard of using them for your ears, but you know old wives tales about common things used for medicines are often true for a reason….although onion bits in your ear might be a pain…lol. But an onion tea…hmmm…there may be something to it, especially if it is based in American Indian natural medicine. They used to make willow bark tea for fevers and it turned out that it does help take down fevers.

      • Hahaha. No. The hot onions are wrapped in a tea-towel and applied to the ears. Apparently the steam is medicinal. I think it’s mostly the heat really, though.

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