Sorry for being such a bad Blogger

It’s July and I haven’t blogged in weeks. No, let me be honest about it. I haven’t blogged in months.

For some reason, my life has just been out of wack. For one thing, I’ve been spending hours each day at the office and that has completely derailed my rhythm. While us being so busy work-wise has been a blessing we are deeply grateful for, my kids have suffered for it. And I feel rather ashamed about it all. So many women manage work and family… why can’t I?  Each weekend I tell myself I’ll organize myself and improve things, and it just doesn’t come together.

Other things have also complicated getting into a good routine. We undertook some major landscaping last month. Interviewing contractors (O.M.G, were there some flakes), planning, then having to be here for three weeks while they were working took its toll. But the result is amazing and I’ll be posting pictures.  I’ll also write why that landscaping just HAD to be done.

The contractors had to tear out a number of old shrubs and one contained a nest with newly hatched baby birds. We tried to relocate the nest but the parents didn’t find it and so we adopted these babies aged three days, two days, and less than a day old.  Pictures will be forthcoming for this adventure too.  I am glad and not just a little proud that all three are alive and thriving.

Cooking has become a chore and boredom. My FIL won’t eat a number of things which complicates the process for me just as my son, Mr. No-thank-you is beginning to accept more foods. Some of these things are legitimately a no-no for FIL because they upset his tummy. But cunning old man that he is, he has learned to say ‘I cannot eat this as it upsets my stomach’ to things he merely doesn’t like.

It’s August 31st, today, and still no posts. But I think I am reworking myself mentally and I AM GOING TO GET THIS DONE!!!!!

One thing…. I cannot be so perfectionistic and I need to stop trying to be like some of those amazing bloggers who put together amazing posts with great photos etc. That isn’t working for me and is a reason why I’ve been avoiding my blog. Oh, how to pare down? Well, I did one thing today which will have a big impact on my time usage today. So, yay me!


Screw it. This post is going up NOW. Never mind grammar, spelling and absence of images. My life is going back on track NOW!

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