Big meeting on Wednesday.

On Wednesday we had a meeting for the first time with the interior design team of the architect we are working with. What sets our builder apart is that the entire house is planned before the construction even starts. Which allows them to give us a very detailed understanding of the cost which won’t vary much unless we change something during the process of building. This also promotes a good flow of work once it commences as they won’t have to wait for us to make decisions or things to be shipped in time.

The exterior of the house has a Prairie-Craftsman feel to it. The basic feel of this design is simplicity, clean lines, and earth color tones, so greens, browns, etc. The inside will not be all that craftsman like but rather more eclectic.

This is one of the houses which we used as an inspiration.

I very much look forward to being able to decorate the house myself. The current house we live in was purchased by my husband before we married. With the exception of one sofa, so was all the furniture. Our taste has changed much since then, and I prefer a more simple style. His taste has changed a little less than mine maybe. But we’ll make it work. As in, I’ve lived with his stuff for over twenty years, now it’s MY turn. Simple, no?

So, on Wednesday we talked about things like doors and windows and the trim, etc. The main-level flooring will mainly be manufactured wood floor, giving us something easier to care for than traditional hardwood floors. Here and there some tile, mostly in the mudroom, laundry room, and closets. My father in-law’s bedroom will have carpeting of course, as will the sun room. On the upper level, where the majority of the bedrooms are, will be carpet with the exception of Missy’s room which will be the same wood as on the main level to help with her allergy issues. On the lower level will be carpeting I guess. Of course price will factor in quite heavily as flooring is one of the major expenses in finishing the interior and our square footage will be generous.

In terms of colors I plan to use relatively neutral colors which would permit me to add splashes of brighter color with accent items. We have a rather extensive collection of objet d’art, much of it family items handed down, crystal collections from us as well as our parents, so we have a decorating basis. Much of it will be displayed in the office and great room. But for rooms like the sun room which will be a bright room next to the kitchen, we will take it easy and go with assorted items to keep the room casual, comfortable, and most importantly stress free. In other words, if the dog or the kids knock something over and it breaks, it won’t be a big deal at all.

One of my concerns is that my husband has NO IDEA what people really live like. He thinks he does. But he doesn’t. He has been in more homes than I’ll ever be thanks to our business, but these homes are always tidied up for the photos he shoots when there. So he thinks that is how people live. I on the other hand, have been in homes of other families, when it looks like a normal average day with crumbs on the counters and wash baskets of clothes lying about, and shoes scattered in front of the shoe closet rather than in it. In short, homes that look like ours!  He expects that our home will look like a picture perfect magazine shoot ready affair every moment of every day. I am not saying we won’t improve and work hard at it, but I do expect some big fights coming up. And since he is a clutter bug himself, this will get interesting. He has nine-light craftsman style French doors to his office which opens to the entry way. I tried to convince him to use a frosted glass but nooooo, he thinks he’ll suddenly change along with the address and become perfect. Good luck with that, dearie.

This coming Wednesday we will be driving to another town to meet our decorator there for the kitchen cabinets. I’ll try to get some photos. This is going to be nerve wracking and exciting! We are also going to look at a place for fireplaces, and possibly carpeting.

Wish me luck!

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