We are building a house!!!!!!!

So, it’s official. Well, sort off. Since hardly anyone I know reads this blog, I guess it’s ok to use this page to ramble on, and sort of examine, inspect and qualify my thoughts, feelings, fears, and opinions, and generally allow all sorts of thoughts to percolate through the murky depths of my mind.

We are building a house. A BIG-ass house. A ‘what-the-hell-am-I-doing-in-this-sort-of-a-house’ house. Precisely the kind of house I NEVER EVER saw myself living in. And I am I not sure how I feel about this fanciness.

My husband loves stuff. He also has champagne taste. My taste runs more along the ‘cottage’ line with a cup of tea in the morning and a decent Cabernet in the evening. But we have five people living in this three bedroom house and it’s not working out. First world problems. I know. My son and daughter can’t share a bedroom, my father-in-law shouldn’t have to share a bedroom, and my husband and I sleep apart. Not because of marital issues, thanks for asking, but because he suffers from frequent insomnia. He is also a busy sleeper, often moving as often as once every thirty seconds. Yes, I’ve counted. Often. I am a terrible light sleeper. Meaning even the dog getting up and moving around wakes me up. So, long story short, he’s been sleeping on a sofa for some years now and that doesn’t do his back or sciatica any good.

The house is being built in a lovely subdivision overlooking a farm not far from Missy’s school. Oh yes, wait, one more reason we are moving. My daughter is going to a different school district and eventually Bear will be going there as well. Paying out of district tuition on a public school is ridiculous. What pisses me off royally annoys me greatly is the fact that we are in fact  already paying more taxes in that town than the average homeowner. But it’s on a business property, so fuck that never mind, in the eyes of the greedy, money-grubbing politicians powers that be.

We expect to live there for about fifteen years before selling it and moving into our last home. We’ve lived in our current home for 23 years, so as you can see, we don’t move much. Within fifteen years we will have built some decent equity, and the kids will have moved out, and my father in-law moved on (he celebrated 85 years yesterday!). The lot was carefully chosen, as was the builder. Since we are in the real estate business, we know a thing or two about resale value, and re-sale-ability (I think I made that word up since without hyphenating spell check wordpress wouldn’t let me write it)  of properties and  we are keeping that in mind during the process.

My biggest fear is my friends treating me differently because of a bloody house.

Exciting is the idea of a new house.
1) The idea of there being a brand-new canvas for me to use to explore my creativity. You see, the house in which we live was bought by my husband prior to our marriage. All the furniture except ONE sofa was chosen by him in a style he no longer likes himself all that much either.
2) A new kitchen with a walk-in pantry (I know, posh, right?) and a GAS STOVE! Let’s say that again. A gaaaaaaaaas range. Yepper. I have been cooking for 21 years on an electric range and hate it.  I can’t tell you how stoked I am about a gas range.      More cabinet space than I currently have means I get to use some appliances I’ve not bought before due to space constraints. I enjoy cooking and baking for the family, and with the new kitchen I’ll have a lot more space for some new and exciting things. Oh, one more thing. A vent hood which will actually work. I mean the one we have works. But if you cook anything besides mac n’cheese you will smell it the next day. And I mean throughout the house.
3) A basement with only a few fish tanks. And ONLY if the local fish-guy’s rate is reasonable. I told my husband that unless Adam maintains them, there will be no tanks. He insists on shlepping two of the fucking horrid tanks with him to the new house because he doesn’t want to give up the tanks. Fine, at least we are stepping down from 11 tanks to one salt water, and two cichlid tanks. Anymore and he can go live with them and have sex with THEM because I am going to leave. I HATE FISH TANKS. I didn’t use to. But I sure do now. Passionately hate them.
4) Our house will be able to accommodate overnight guests. I look forward to having my cousin and his wife be the first. And Missy’s best friend will spend a few weeks with us next Summer.  She wants to spend all Summer break with us, which is fine, but this area is so boring, the poor girl will perish out of sheer ennui.



  1. Congrats! I understand what you mean about friends treating your differently. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. Someday, we will have to chat about this. ❤

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