Sometimes there’s no Lemonade.

Hello Lovelies,

I just learned that my mom is in the hospital in a far away land and now I am quietly freaking out. I am worried about my father, who is very dependent on her, spending worried, lonely days at their apartment, and my mother, spending hours alone in the hospital waiting for a diagnosis.  As a fifteen year cancer survivor, she knows a thing or two about waiting and  worrying. I am 40 hours travel time away from them and feel so incredibly helpless. 

And it reminds me of the surprises life brings us. Often surprises that are so shocking in their suddenness and finality. Just this morning I checked in on one of my very favorite blogs. It is a German blog called Spottdrossel (Mocking bird) and I love reading the author’s account of her funny chickens and ducks and other birds and dogs. Her writing is wonderfully humorous, and insightful. With her well placed words we can all visualize the funny things she saw or experienced and I click on her blog every day hoping for a new post. Well this morning it read that she had initially planned to write about the annoyance of an absconding wallet when her spouse died quite unexpectedly and in hindsight that seems like an inconsequential thing right now. What???????

You see? While I do hope to have my mother around for many more years, her phone call did remind me that we must not take each other for granted as we never know what is around the corner.

So, if you read this post, who-ever you are, I ask that you write a card today, or make a phone call to someone in your life who you love or care for.

Much Love,



  1. Life as we know it definitely turns on a dime when we least expect it! I’m so very sorry to read about your mother. Sending you and your mother lots of warm wishes and healing vibes and hugs!!

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