Snowpocalypse 2015

Not really. But we did get a ton of snow yesterday (13.3 inches) and because my husband had to take my 4-wheel drive to work today I am home with the kids. Both of them since Missy’s school canceled along with all the others in the region. The dog loved the snow and here are some pics. They turned out much darker because my camera decided it was too bright and took matters into its own hands. Whatever. The pictures are larger if you click on them.

Archie Snow_01 Archie Snow_02 Archie Snow_03 Archie Snow_04 Archie Snow_5 Archie Snow_06 Archie Snow_07 Archie Snow_08 Archie Snow_09 Archie Snow_10 Archie Snow_11 Archie Snow_13 Snowmageddon_01 Snowmageddon_02 Snowmageddon_04

Taking a break. All that snow…...
Taking a break. All that snow……


  1. Oh, I DO love snow pictures, and yours are beautiful! The night ones of the street are particularly striking, sometimes I am sad that we live on a snow route or constantly plowed, from morning to morning, perfectly functioning street.

    • I was very jealous of your snow route during those days. Our street didn’t see a plow until some 48 hours later! But yes, it was quite magical that evening. Thanks for the compliments.

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