Just random photos from the past few months.

photo 2
The colors were really much better but my old iPhone 4s can’t handle it.
photo 1
Must remember to bring camera with me.
photo 4
If you are baking cut out cookies and the recipe calls for the dough to be chilled don’t just make a ball. Instead make flattened disks which will be much easier to roll out. It only took me 30 years to figure that out. Sigh.
photo 1
Our Christmas dinner features this effortless but oh-so-tasty dessert. This Blackforest trifle featured brownie chunks, sweet dark cherries and lightly sweetened whipped cream.
photo 2
We had friends over for a lovely grown up evening with grown up canapés and drinks. It’s ridiculous how nice it is to eat decadent grown up stuff once in a while when one is surrounded by little people for the most part.
photo 1
Super dark chocolate and crackers.
photo 3
And this lovely cheese.
photo 4
We got to have Tuxy over for Christmas because his people went to Colorado. They had fun, and we sure did too!
photo 5
Knitting with a lovely yarn I received for Christmas. It’s a hand-dyed linen/cotton blend. My project is a super simple but pretty summery scarf.
photo 2
When despite everyones best efforts the new bottle of salad dressing isn’t opening, and dinner is growing cold, one has little choice in the matter. Dangerous to open this way, but we needed it.

photo 4


  1. Wow, such nicely captured moments of beauty, peace, friendship and…destruction! (My m.I.l. is the queen of knife-slashing openings; who has time to peel those stupid tops off the milk bottles?)
    I linked to your “homeschool recess” post from my “Spanish co-op” post today. You really do take the best pics.

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