Fun at the Celtic Highland Games

There are lots of tents, though none as fancy as this one, representing local clans.
Non-lethal archery was a fun activity. The target? A big, guy with a pink wig.
Some local kids engaged in battle.
Lots of people come fully decked out in costume.
Oh no, dead!
This young woman, is clearly a pro. Decked out with a corset, vambraces, her own quality gear, and the attitude of a seasoned warrior she easily fended off two and even three warriors at a time.
Debating whether getting into battle with lots of really big guys is such a good idea.
He came to see if the two girls were worth his time.
The under 12 set had their own field.
We look forward to seeing the Irish Wolfhounds every year. They’ve been coming to the Games since they were puppies. This is the male.
The slightly smaller female getting some love from my son and his friend.
Just look at those eyes! The two hounds are incredibly mellow, and complete darlings.

Madame C and her lads and daughter, along with yours truly and my two spawn went on our annual pilgrimage to the Celtic Highland Games held in our town. Since we went late on the second day we unfortunately missed a lot of the good stuff, but the kids still had a blast. My youngest is terribly sore today since he spent at least two hours battling with his buddies.

















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