Peaceful Evening Walk

My daughter and I enjoyed a peaceful evening walk in our favorite spot, the next door cemetery. It was established in 1857 but contains headstones dating from 1825, from some ‘transferees’ from an other nearby, overcrowded cemetery. The place is absolutely one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen, with rolling hills populated with majestic oak trees, maples, pines, spruce, and other varieties. Among the animals we’ve spotted here are bobcat, foxes, skunk, raccoons, muskrat, several kinds of squirrels, deer, and a multitude of birds.

Evening Walk_01
The evening sun provided a lovely backlit vignette.
Evening Walk_02
Interesting mushrooms are growing everywhere. The picture was taken too late and doesn’t show the spectacular colors well enough.
Evening Walk_03
I don’t know what this grass is called but I love the structural nature of it and the little bug.
Evening Walk_04
Pretty flowers.
Evening Walk_05
Grass seeds everywhere. And we always seem to bring them home stuck on the dog, shoe laces, socks etc.
Evening Walk_06
The almost architectural nature of these seed pods caught my eye.
Evening Walk_07
I loved the way the color of the yellowish lichen on the statue was reflected in the background.

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