Homeschoolers do PE and Recess!

Do Homeschoolers get PE? You betcha! How about Recess? Most assuredly.

Recess Collage_01
Two fearless warriors locked in mortal combat. Click on picture for larger image.
Recess Collage_02
Three blood-thirsty musketeers clamoring for my head! Click on picture for larger image.

We just do it differently. Like the other day, when after learning about rocks and the rock cycle I sent three little guys into the front yard to play off some energy with boffers. The people in our neighborhood are thankfully used to that.








  1. Jonathan used to “fight” the dragons outside too. Great way to entertain little boys. By the way, do you have real German drapes?

    • I wish. But no. My husband had decorated the house before we married and he doesn’t believe in decorating unless something is falling apart. And even then not really :(. I have NO emotional connection to the house we live in. He does. It has little of ME in it. All the furniture, everything is stuff he bought and loves. Wait, there is one sofa we bought together which I love. I would love to decorate more to reflect who I am but lack the energy to fight with him about it.

      • I see, in our house it is the opposite. My grandmother gave us money to buy some furniture and everything we bought is more or less my taste. We bought it together, though, but my husband did not care what we picked as long as it made me happy. I just thought your curtains looked so German. We don’t have many curtains, just Roman blinds, but they were in this house when we moved in. I wish I could have some real curtains, but our windows have odd sizes and need special curtains and that is expensive. I guess I have a very easy-going husband when it comes to decorating :).

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