Fun with Rocks!

My darling friend Madame C. and I have decided to start our own homeschool co-op this school year.  She takes my Bear for a few hours each week and teaches him and her sons Spanish (she teaches my daughter French as well).  I get to have her two lads for a few hours a week as well and we do science.  Since I am teaching three boys within  a four year age range, I must remain flexible and fun. Easy to do with those three gems.  We are working on Earth Sciences this year and I decided to start them off on rocks and the rock cycle. Of course we digressed a bit on the second lesson, since the youngest was sick at home, and learned a lot about volcanoes and different types of eruption. What discoveries we made that day! There is one kind of eruption named the Stromboli type of eruption and it is named after a particular volcano on the Italian Eolian Islands. Imagine the biggest sparkler coming out of a mountain. Voila, a Strombolian eruption!

The collage are photos from our first day. What a great time everyone had hunting through our dry river bed for different rocks. Since these are all local rocks it’s even more interesting. I might see if I can get a field trip at the local quarry.

Learning about rocks and the rock cycle.
Learning about rocks and the rock cycle. Click on the image for a larger picture.

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  1. Madame C. is LOVING this co-op idea! My boys just can’t wait to go to the “house of so many cool experiments.” And I really enjoy having a “class” for languages, especially one that includes Bear!

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