Harvest Time

I have a vegetable garden the size of a postage stamp. My husband is too greedy for his flowers to let me have space to grow food. So I have a somewhat shady corner of our garden where I jealously guard my space. He did in earlier years attempt to ‘just keep a few plants there until he finds space for them’, strangely enough those plants always died there. hmmmmmm. I have my compost bin there, chives, my huge borage plant, and every year I plant assorted stuff there. This year we are enjoying carrots (or I hope to eventually), swiss chard, zucchini and cucumbers. I had never tried to grow the last two before but bought a few seedlings from a nursery and popped them in the ground.  Here are my observations.

1. Cucumbers like regular watering and take a dim view of things if you neglect that aspect of your gardening duties.
2. Harvest them early. Otherwise they get seedy.
3. Cucumber plants are prickly. Ouch! Wear gardening gloves.
4. Zucchini take an inordinate amount of space. Seriously. Huuuuuge.
5. The large leaves hide the growing vegetables very effectively. I neglected to visit my garden for two days and I zucchini I hadn’t seen before greeted me with a hefty 4.2 lbs. That’s almost 2 kg. Yikes! Harvest often. It encourages the plants to produce more.
6. I have three plants, if you have good sun stick with two if you have a family of 5-8 people. Trust me, I am wondering what to do at this point.
7. Zucchini plants are a bit prickly too. Wear gloves if you are handling the leaves.
8. If you are harvesting more zukes than you need on a frequent basis, your neighbors start hiding from you.

What are your favorite recipes?

Harvest time. We've been enjoying a bumper crop of all kinds of goodies this year.
Harvest time. We’ve been enjoying a bumper crop of all kinds of goodies this year.


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