Time to get our ducks in a row! – Homeschooling!

homeschool-world-classroomA new school year is just around the corner. And it’s going to be a challenging one. Can I just say I feel a lot of trepidation for this one?

My daughter will be joining highschool this year. Yup. Public high school. If her aim in life were a soft degree  in the arts etc, I’d let her finish highschool at home as I’ve read many blogs where the youngsters were quite successful in doing so. But she is going in for cold hard science, planning to specialize in genetics eventually. We are both nervous about this, she far more than I understandably. I don’t think she wants to feel optimistic for fear of things turning out badly. One thing she has already bickered about, and rightly so, is that she feels her time wasted by the fact that 70% of all credits will be non-science/math related in this school year, with a preponderance of English. And then we wonder why we have kids from various Asian countries do so well in the science sector of this country. There the sciences and math take precedence. I guess that pretty much describes our family too.

The other news is that my son has decided to come back to homeschooling. He felt bored and just not challenged in public school and decided that he wanted to stay at home. Here are my feeling of trepidation on this bit of news. I don’t quite know yet how to comeschool him. At one point I knew. But then he decided to go to school for part of second and all of third grade. And he has changed so much during that time. I know his learning style is different from his big sister’s, so I will have to learn how to help him learn. For one thing he is more of a hands-on learner. He is also very creative. I expect we’ll be doing a lot of activities, unlike with his sister who gets completely absorbed in a book or in a lecture on Coursera.org. I foresee more fieldtrips. He is getting more allergic as he is getting older, but nothing like his sister, so we should be able to go to a fair amount of locations.

Since Bear is a very social kid, and I love working with other kids, my friend from A homeschoolstory.com and I have decided to swap kids twice a week. I am really excited about this! For one morning a week, I get her two younger boys and we are going to do science, experiments and some notebooking. And one morning a week she’ll be taking my son and do Spanish and art with him. I am tremendously looking forward to this opportunity. Her sons are sweet, smart, and independent. Bear loves being with them and this should be something beneficial to us moms as well.

BTW, you should click on her link and stop by her blog. She is in France right now with her whole family, and even traveled to Venice, Italy. Her writing is very good, and there are tons of gorgeous pictures.

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