Something Very Important is Missing

No bees to love this flower.

Something important is missing from my garden this year. And even if I hadn’t known the reasons for it, I’d still feel the same foreboding about it.

Honey Bees. My garden used to be abuzz with all kinds of bees every year. Bees and butterflies. My husband grows flowers and I grow vegetables. So there are always lots of flowers blooming through the green seasons. And where there are flowers there will be bees. Theoretically. This year hardly any bees are to be seen or heard. I have even resorted to transferring pollen among my zucchini flowers manually since I have lots of flowers, few bees. It’s really depressing and very frightening. A very large amount of our food, our clothing, etc, is directly dependent on bees. The rapid decline of this species should be the canary in the mine, and yet little is done about it by governments. I have attached a few links to different articles and one downloadable pdf file about this subject. I recommend you read these and write to your congressmen and women, to your senators and governors and ask them to take this situation as seriously as it needs to be taken. There is a mistaken notion that if one species of pollinators dies off, others will fill the gap. While this is true to an extent what has been discovered is that this isn’t the panacea one would like it to be. Many plants have evolved to be pollinated by a particular species and while some other plants can be pollinated by other bee and insect species, the results are less than promising. Seed and fruit production drops sharply which would lead to losses in the trillions of dollars range and food shortages. The problem with politicians is that they NEVER think of the future. They only care about the next election and the money they hope to make. The future be damned. They expect that by the time the manure hits the fan, new technologies will have been perfected which will solve the problems of those of the future.  And by then they’ll be long gone.

A bee photographed in my garden in 2013. No bees to photograph this year.
A bee photographed in my garden in 2013. No bees to photograph this year.


If you have a large lot consider keeping a hive or two. Expect them to die, and endeavor to keep new colonies. The Germans call colonies ‘Völker’ or ‘ peoples, tribes. And in truth that they are. What we need to understand that our ‘Volk’  is very dependent on this winged ‘volk

There are also a number of documentaries out there if you like to view films.


  1. Did you know that Rudolf Steiner in the year 1923 predicted that bees would die and that we had to do something about this? Hereis a reference to his thoughts. We do have bees this year, but a few years ago there were not many.

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