Giving my Wrist a Wrest, I mean Rest

Knitting_rainbow throwSo, I think I over did it with knitting and crochet and developed some pretty bad tendonitis in my wright wrist. I mean right wrist. For several days now I’ve had to wear my brace and have been unable to do much of anything in the house, much less knit or crochet.

I blame it all on this lovely colorful crocheted throw. I wanted to use up old yarn to justify the purchase of new stuff, and the colors were just so lovely I kept going and going because I wanted to get to the next color. And bam…. now I can’t do anything.



    • You are right, Tilley. It’s so so so hard to not crochet or knit, but my hand is simply to sore and weak to even allow me to contemplate attempting it. Weak wrists are a family curse on my maternal side.

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