Emergency Room visit #2

Bear - ER_02My poor son. First he breaks his elbow end March (?), and now this.

Stomach pains, voimiting, etc classic gastroenteric symptoms, right? Especially when his sister two days later has the same symptoms. But even though he didn’t throw up any more he kept complaining of stomach aches for many days. And then on Friday evening the pain became so severe his teeth were chattering at one point. I told his Dad that the various symptoms made a bee-line for appendicitis, but he wanted to hear none of that.  So I said, OK, we’ll see the pediatrician in the morning. By eleven o’clock at night though it was obvious that a trip to the ER would have to supersede the trip to the pediatrician.

From the triage nurse to the ER nurse, to the doctor, upon hearing the symptoms they all said the same thing. Textbook appendicitis symptoms. And that was confirmed with a CAT scan since the surgeon refused to operate without it.

The appendectomy was done at 7 am Saturday morning. All I can say, is… Thank the Spirits for MORPHINE!!!!!

He was released from the hospital on Sunday and we arrived back home at noon. Thankfully his pain has come down since then, even more than at the hospital. I think being sleep deprived doesn’t help.

Knit_ Socks_color stripesOf course, as soon as we decided to head to the hospital I headed towards my knitting. A knitter must travel with some knitting or else end up unraveling hospital bedding to knit into something with pencils or catheters or something.

Christmas is going to be a bit shabby this year, but that doesn’t matter as long as we are together.


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