During Summer, a Visitor

Much like my mother, I have occasional pre-cognition. One of those was tied to this image. We have a screened in porch which in summer often finds birds trapped in it when they come in to peck at whatever they find. One day while washing dishes I looked out at the porch and wondered how I could rescue a humming bird should it get trapped in our porch. I had already managed to rescue all manner of our feathered friends, but never a humming bird. Some of the birds were easily guided out, some required capture and release.

Well, the very next day a humming bird was trapped in the porch. It’s tiny beak was at risk from breaking in the mesh wire of the screen and I decided that guiding it to freedom was risky. My daughter quickly fetched the kids butterfly net and I was able to rescue this jewel without damage. It sat peacefully and unafraid on my hand while we took some pictures and then flew of in no particular hurry. What a treat!!!


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