Fast Food. Our Way.

Meatsauce collageAs a family of five we neither can afford to eat out very often, nor do we really like to. But at times I honestly lack the time or inclination to cook. To the rescue – my freezer.

One of the things my husband and I like to do four times a year or so is to cook a gigantic batch of his wonderful meat sauce. We get the kind of ground beef which doesn’t have the lean textured meat-product added (Yuck!!!!), and then we cook. About 8-9lbs of ground beef with lots of tomatoes fresh herbs (if available in my garden), onions, garlic, baby bella mushrooms, and peppers. The recipe he uses was adapted from one given to him by a New York Italian, so when I tell you it’s good, trust me, it’s GOOD! Once cooled the sauce is bagged in labeled ziplock baggies. Each bag give us 1 full family dinner (five people), and one family lunch. So, two meals per bag. The most recent batch of sauce gave us six bags, plus two full meals. We could probably stretch it a bit and feed six people per bag. Well, once the Bear gets older we’ll have to adjust that :).

I also freeze chicken pieces in marinade for a quick dinner or lunch as needed. Easy peasy.

What do you do to make your life easier while maintaining your gustatory satisfaction?

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