Light and Memories

When I woke up this morning and opened my eyes, my first thoughts were ‘Yellowstone.’ The thought came from the angle of the sun, the cool breeze coming through the open window, and the sound of the birds going about their daily business.

Smells, angle of sun-light, sounds, so many things bring forth memories to me. And every early September when the angle of the sun starts to change to herald the coming of autumn, my thoughts return to Yellowstone.

It was fourteen years ago, that my husband and I took our ‘babymoon’ around this time. I was four months pregnant with our first child and against my ob/gyn’s wishes we drove from Iowa to Wyoming in my little Honda Accord where we spent many days, photographing, seeing the sights, watching animals. It was magical. And we desperately want to go back. From Yellowstone Park we drove to Jenny Lake in the Rockies where we stayed for two nights.  I remember sitting on the front porch of our cabin, drinking hot tea enjoying the morning light. Of course, by then we had been up for hours as was our custom. We’d get up between 4:30 and 5:00 AM, drive to the spot we had selected to photograph, and then return when we were done. After Jenny Lake we drove to Estes Park where we stayed one or two nights and then returned home through Nebraska. That was the most boring drive of my life! Coming from the mountains, Nebraska took on a mind-numbing monotony which is hard to replicate.

In a few days our white, fall blooming Clematis will drape our fence in white. I’ll be sure to post some pictures then.

I hope you all have a wonderful September.



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