Slow Cooker – Salsa Chicken

I had always wanted a slow cooker. But for a variety of reasons I never got around buying one until about a month ago. The Crock-pot brand slowcooker I purchased as a low and a high setting, can be programmed to cook for however many hours I need and also features a ‘warm’ setting. And this appliances has stolen my heart. You can have my husband, but leave my slow-cooker.

My first recipe to try was my Salsa Chicken, with a few modifications and O.M.G. it was so good! Fall of the bone tender, incredibly flavorful and so very easy to make. I don’t often measure when I cook, and particularly with the slow-cooker it’s really more of a throw-it-in-see-what-happens sort of affair.

6 Chicken Thighs, with bone, skin removed
1 jar chunky salsa (we always get one with Chipotle flavor)
1 can medium size Black Olives, drained and rinsed
1/2 can finely diced tomatoes
garlic salt, pepper, paprika to taste
1 Chipotle pepper (Chopped) from can with some adobo sauce
1/2 diced green or red bell pepper
2-3 tbsp. fresh chopped onion (or incase of extreme laziness use dried flakes )

Season chicken pieces with garlic salt and pepper. At this point you could brown the chicken in some EVOO, but I’ve skipped this step and it didn’t much matter.  Pour all the other ingredients (except onion) into the slowcooker. Set chicken on top and turn once to coat. Sprinkle with the onions. Set to 4-4.5 hours on slow. Thicken the gravy with some cornstarch and serve over hot rice with lime pieces and crunchy tortilla on the side. The resulting chicken is a fragrant, colorful and fork tender meal perfect for busy weeknights.

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