Better than Bouillon Review and a GIVEAWAY!

Bouillons, stocks, broths and bases are a wonderful culinary cheat. They bring instant pizzaz and flavor to a lackluster main or side dish and are readily available, take a minimum of space in your kitchen but offer a big return. I tried so many kinds and in different delivery systems. There were the granules which compacted if not used often enough, the little cubes, the powdered kinds (which cake abominably),  and all contained two things which I didn’t like. Monosodium Glutamate or MSG and an odd after-taste I didn’t care for much. I tried some of the offerings at the healthfood stores but didn’t care for their tastes. The large containers of purchased liquid broths and stocks often added too much liquid to what I was making rendering them less than advantageous for many of my uses. Plus those contained MSG as well.

Yes, I’ve been on Pinterest. And yes, I’ve seen Pinners happily gush over jars of ‘liquid gold.’ I neither have the time nor the inclination to spend hours in the kitchen cooking, straining, and canning jars of broths. Nor, as it turns out, do I have the storage space to store that stuff. But a growing sensitivity to MSG spurred me to keep looking. I knew that I’d find something someday.

category-1A week or so ago I found these little jars called Better than Bouillon in the health food section of my local grocers. Organic Better than Bouillon to be precise. This oozy base comes in dark glass jars and yes, once opened must be refrigerated. If you are like me, refrigerator space is at a premium. But after the first taste of the first flavor I bought (Vegetable), I gladly made space for a few other flavors. Oh yes! Gladly. This stuff is wicked good. The base dissolves quickly and there is no disagreeable aftertaste. The flavor is truly superlative. Not too salty and for us a little goes a long way. Although I admit having gone a bit hogwild on soups lately.

Let’s recap the good news about this stuff.

1. Organic options, vegetarian options available.
2. Most of them have no MSG! (I searched and didn’t find any)
3. It has  no icky after-taste.
4. It comes in a number of flavors. ( I have Vegetable, Chicken, and Beef. I love them all, but I use Vegetable the most.)

The only drawback? A paltry one, it needs refrigeration once opened. But that also goes to prove that it isn’t crammed full of nasty chemicals.

I. Am. In. Love!

Now guess what! I asked the company that makes this fabulous stuff if I might be allowed use of their pictures and links so I could write this review. And not only were they nice enough to allow me the use of the images, but they also offered, yes, you read that right OFFERED to let me do a give-away! So, five lucky winners will receive 2 full-size jars of their choice mailed to them by the nice folks at Better than Bouillon.

Here is what will enter you in this give-away. You can have up to three separate entry chances total. The winners will be chosen via random drawing.

Entry possibility #1 : If you haven’t already, follow my blog.
Entry possibility #2 : ‘Like’ Better than Bouillon’ on Facebook, and tell me if you did. 
Entry possibility #3 : Tell us what you like to use bouillon/stock, broth or base for when you cook.

This give-away ends on March 31, 2013 at 6:00 PM CT. Open to Continental US and Canadian Residents. 

The flavor options you can choose from are:
(for information about each base please click on this link to their site, or click on the item itself. They are linked to the appropriate page on the site.

Organic Base

Premium Base

Vegetarian Option

Reduced Sodium Bases

Kosher Bases

 (sorry, my formatting stinks but I will not ask my thirteen year old to fix it. I won’t!)


  1. What fun! I like how they have organic and reduced-sodium options. The Au Jus base definitely spiked up my interest, I would love to experiment with that! Following your blog as tariqsaleemrana at yahoo dot com

  2. My favorite way to use stock is to make risotto. Mushroom stock is so far the best, especially when I’m making a garden risotto with leeks, mushrooms, garlic and green peas 🙂

  3. I have been using these ( no-chicken and no-beef base) since 2008… After having the most delicious lentil soup made out of otherwise, humdrum ingredients – when I asked my friend for the recipe, she said that it was just lentils, garlic, onions and yes, better than boullion! I have been hooked ever since and I agree w all the additional reasons ( besides big flavor!) as to why I m never without it ever since. One thing I would like to add that the packages liquid broth also have enormous amounts of packaging ( landfill) , given that one typically uses the whole carton in one use – this stuff comes in tiny little recyclable glass jars that last forever , since a little goes a long way! So it’s also better for the environment!

  4. How fun! 5 Winners – that’s pretty awesome. I also avoid the same ingredients you mentioned here. I use stock for sauces and soups, mainly. 🙂

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