I am back!!!!

The laptop I shared with my daughter died several months ago and left us bereft, alone, and pining for our blogs. Although I have another PC, we can’t use it for our WordPress blogs as it runs on an NT Platform and WordPress had the most awful hissy fits, on it. Blogging from the iPad was a failure as well. This Saturday saw us buying a new laptop. A MacBook Pro, no less. And this morning was my first chance at it. Once I figured out how to turn the thing on, that is.

To celebrate, I’ll be doing  some giveaways over the next few days.

Thank you everyone, who left feedback. I promise I’ll get back to all of you in short order. But I cannot resist a quick shout out to Arby. When I saw the name, I thought of you, and how, even after all these years, I still missed your posts. I can’t tell you how glad I was to hear that you decided to blog again.

There are a lot of posts I have swirling around in my head and I look forward to reading all of yours.

With a Smile,


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