No, I don’t want to hear how many times you puked

…between when you got up this morning and when you should have had your lunch.

Sorry. I am really cold that way.

A few days ago I unfriended a page on Facebook I had previously ‘liked’ and enjoyed. The writer, a Pagan, mother of four and blogger was an interesting and pleasant diversion from my daily reads. Then she announced that they were expecting child numero cinco. And since then her posts were 99% about her symptoms.

Oh, the blessed Divines.

After a few days of reading about her ‘suffering’ I went to her page and ‘unliked’ it. I think I’ll come back in about a year and a half. By then, one would surmise, her posts about pregnancy, delivery, and post natal boo-boo’s should have given way to more interesting stuff.

Here is some thing for people who have Facebook pages other than just for hanging out with your friends from school, keep this in mind, somethings are just TMI, and too much whining about your problems, or symptoms (physical or mental) will only serve to remind people that they have other stuff to do.

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