i didn’t do it, i didn’t touch anything….

…..’it’s not my fault, i  don’t know how it happened’

all words I hear on a daily basis in my home lately. Not from my kids usually, though.

From my father in-law.

He is 82 years old.

He just moved 10,000 miles.

From India to America.

Our lives have changed a great deal since his arrival.

And daily, when he messes up his TV, he has no idea how it happened. And he swears he didn’t touch anything.

He doesn’t know we won’t get mad. Even though we told him so many times. He is afraid he broke something. Even though we tell him everyday he can’t.

So every day we figure out a new way he messed up something and how to fix it.

I told my daughter that we can choose one of two reactions to him and his living with us and ‘messing’ up our lives.

We  can be angry, and resentful, or we can choose to love, tolerate, be kind, and be compassionate.

I told her which one I chose. Even though it’s hard at times.


…there will be at least one time in our lives when we can count ourselves lucky to receive this gift.


  1. Hey, I like the new blog. After an extended vacation from blogging, I also started a new blog. That means I’m returning to reading blogs, too. So, I’ll be stopping by more often. It’s good to be back.

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