T-6 or the countdown to start of school

We are starting school on Monday the 27th of August.

 Aaaack!!!!!  Now that his sentence is there in writing, staring me in the face, I am paralyzed with a sense of dread.

Not dread because I don’t like teaching and learning with my kids. But dread because there is still SO MUCH TO DO! I am not done updating the syllabus, yet, the CPI has to be filed by this Friday, and mealplans have yet to be finished. I am also behind on cooking ahead and freezing foods. Gaaaa!!!

School start these past four years has always been a challenge. And now we have another person, an adult, living in the house and he has no fixed schedule.  Some mornings, HRH is up at 8 AM. Some mornings not till ten. I am sorry. I can’t tip-toe around the house getting the kids read for early mornings, etc.  Food has to be cooked, chores done, duties assigned. HRH also doesn’t lift a finger. Ever. He doesn’t even clean his own plates away most times, so essentially, other than the fact that he is an adult and can have the tv remote as long as he wants to, he is about as much work as another toddler in the house. Thankfully not nearly as messy! Bless him for that.  But he needs special foods cooked for him and that has really affected my time a great deal. Particularly because he fusses at left-overs. He is learning to eat them though. In my house the motto is :’learn to embrace left-overs, or stay hungry.’

The other new thing for us is that Bear (7) is now going to a nearby elementary school for ‘specials.’ He loves it. Specials are PE, Music, and Art. This means dropping him off at school at 10:30 every morning and picking him up at 11:15. The walk to school takes 3-4 minutes. Of course, this means an unaccustomed  interruption in the flow of the morning.  Fortunately, Missy is a self motivated person, and likes to do independent work, which incidentally is something I will be pushing her towards more this year. Still. this means, rain or shine, whether we feel like it or not, he is going to school for 45 minutes everyday. I have the feeling as we get into ‘cold’ season he’ll bring home more than just artwork.  Having an octogenarian in the house, this scares me a tad because a simple cold can easily morph into something far more serious in a senior whose immune system isn’t used to the germs in this country.

School is mostly a welcome time in our home. The kids have been bored a long time now and we all look forward to the routine and predictability of a school week. Lessons will be arranged differently this year with the inclusion of a block format scheduling for part of the day and week. I have kept Fridays for the older child as review, homework (actually more independent work), and notes day. I will take a picture of their new schedule and post it separately. Right now, the draft looks erased, written over, stained with coffee, and generally disreputable.

Are you anticipating any new challenges this year?


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