Divorce Envy ~ and I thought I made that term up

This fine morning, as I am the only one awake and the rest of the resident sluggards are still slumbering below their covers, I thought of a term. ‘Divorce Envy’. Like it? Yeah, it’s already been claimed, as I found out. So, I guess I am not weird then after all. Other people (women mostly, I’d guess) feel this too. A friend of mine is getting divorced. She told me about this last week, the morning after they made the decision at night, and is now busily getting things ready.

And I am envious.

Envious about the fact that she gets to reclaim her SELF. 
Envious about the fact that she gets to REINVENT HERSELF.
Envious about the fact that she won’t have to keep living her life according to the whims and wishes of her spouse.
Envious about the fact that she won’t have to deal with her spouses peculiarities anymore (annoying habits).
Envious about the fact that she gets to eat cereal for dinner whenever she wants to.
Envious about the fact ….. so many more things.

I know she will eventually look for another partner in her life (we talked about this a long time ago), and that leaves me incredulous.


Escaping one set of warts just to acquire another?

What sense does that possibly make?

I am envious yes. But I also know that divorce is not a step I am willing to contemplate.

Living in separate houses? He and his Dad in one, me and the kids in another. Tribal like.

Yup. sign.me.up.

I am going to walk the dog now while I fantasize!


  1. Yeah, my single friends appear to have more fun and freedom and marriage has made me fat…ter. But I love him and find that he is terribly useful, and my single friends admit to married envy too.

    • Arby, many people appear to initiate divorce because they think they’ll be happier with another person. All people have their peccadillos, their faults, and imperfections, and to think the next person they get together with will be perfect is nonsense.

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