Geography Quiz – Answers

Which countries border the Gulf of Tonkin?
                                                                            – Vietnam and China

The Torres Strait passes between which three countries?
                                                                            – Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia

In which year did the British Lease on Hongkong Expire?
                                                                           – July 1, 1997.

Where would you look for the Deccan Plateau?
                                                                            – India

The Palk Strait passes between which two countries?
                                                                           – India and Sri-Lanka

The Aral Sea is a small and continually shrinking Sea in which countries? 
                                                                          – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Soviet irrigation projects have diverted rivers which fed this small sea, causing it to shrink rapidly.  At this point approximately 75% of the sea has vanished causing extreme economic hardship to once prosperous fishing communities which had lived around the sea for thousands of years.
The Island of Sakhalin has been claimed by which two countries to be theirs.
                                                                          – Russia and Japan. There have been bitter disputes between these two countries as to ownership of this large island. Japan has claimed it an extension of its Hokaido prefecture. Eventually, Japan ceded the island to Russia in exchange for the sovereignity over some of the Kuril Islands. Russia and Japan then went into a dispute over those as well. At this point, Japan claims the two large southermost of the Kuril Islands.

If Russia has Lake Baykal, who has Lake Balkhash?
                                                                          – Kazakhstan. It is the 13th largest continental lake in the world.

The Chinese province of Xizang is known to many by which other name?
                                                                       –  Tibet. China incorporated Tibet in 1950 as part of its territory.

A very large part of Bangladesh is occupied by the delta and floodplains of which river?
                                                                         – Ganges. The worlds largest delta empties into the Bay of Bengal.

Where again do we find the Gulf of Ob?
                                                                         – Russia. The Gulf of Ob is shallow gulf, on the northern part of Russia.

The Aldan, Lena, Yana, and Taz, are all rivers in which country?
                                                                         – Russia

If you decide to drive south along the shoreline from Vladivostok you’d soon  come to which border crossing with very unfriendly, and unsmiling guards?
                                                                            – North Korea.

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