Thursday is Vegetarian Day at our home

Ginger, Garlic, Eggplant, Okra, Red Onion, Poppy Seed, Potol or Tindora, Red Potatoes, Bitter-Gourd.

My FIL (father in-law), eats only vegetarian on Thursdays out of religious observances.  He goes a step further and will not eat any onion or garlic on that day either. We’ve always eaten a lot of vegetarian meals in our home (my husband and I that is), but meals without onion and garlic is a challenge for me.  In preparation for his imminent arrival (June ’12), we’ve started eating vegetarian on Thursdays.  We often eat paneer now, but since we had some last week we won’t be having it this week. The menu for today’s lunch was crash hot potatoes with some baby bella mushrooms on the side. For dinner I am planning on a very Bengali palate:

1. Karela-Bhate (Mashed bittergourd and potato to be eaten with hot rice and a smidgen of ghee or pungent mustard-oil)
2. Aloo-Potol Posto (Potol is the Bengali term of a type of gourd also known as Tindora or Kundru, this is cooked along with potatoes in a gravy made out of ground white poppy seed)
3. Ladyfinger and Eggplant Curry
4. Masoor Dar (Dal made from red lentils)
5. All served with hot rice.


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