Raising Reading Kids in an Electronic World

Here is a shot (through a window) of my two kids reading. Bear is six-and-a-half  years old and Missy is twelve.  I found them sitting outside, reading their books before the rain came this morning. 

Missy has always been a book lover. She reads voraciously and has a nice blog called ‘Domus Libris’ where she reviews books. Missy isn’t one of your feel-good critics. She dissects and picks books and characters apart like day-old cooked chicken. You should visit her blog. Sure I am biased but I’ve heard people tell me her blog was pretty good. Bragging moment here… her Lexile score in a recent test was 1,303. Honey, that comes from reading and being made to do Barron’s 1,100 Words you need to know.  Bear wasn’t always a fan of books, until about four or five months ago when he suddenly took off reading. He had always loved having books read to him, but he never understood how his sister would prefer to read than watch yet another re-run of Phineas and Ferb.

We are geeks. Our whole family. My husband is an IT man and photographer. He is also an audiophile and loves his big screen TVs. He is deeply attached to his iPhone. Missy is in love with the lap-top, the PC, the iPad, my iPhone, her kindle, and very much so the PS3. Ditto with Alex, with the exception of the lap-top and  he isn’t allowed to touch the PC. I am all of the above (except the Kindle which is Missy’s). Yes, including the PS3. I am a forty-something gamer chick, and baby I can rock whatever weapon currently needed, be it on any of the Assassin’s Creed games, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim the Elder Scrolls, any of the Modern Warfare games etc. I suck at driving cars in the car racing games though. 

So, with all these distractions, how did we get the kids to read, and love reading? We visit our local library and pick up a huge number of books every week, fiction, DIY, non-fiction, fun, educational, etc. And they get distributed all through the house. My husband complained that they are everywhere. Yes, that they are. At the library, Bear chooses his books, Missy staggers  home with her loot, I drag home books on crochet, cooking, fiction and stuff I pick up for the kids. We tie up the drive-up book return lane when we return books. 

Your kids learn by example. They will pick up whatever happens to lie around. So keep good books everywhere  in the house. And they learn by example, if they see you sitting next to a pile of books, with a book open on your lap, they will likely pick up one themselves, to read. Of course as homeschoolers, we have a lot more time for books than kids who spend eight hours of their daily life shuffling from classroom to classroom.

Visit your library and give them a bag, and then sit back and watch the magic.


  1. I love books and am determined to get my little one to do the same. It was easy with my daughter. Now she’s a gamer and a bookworm. 🙂 She loves Skyrim.

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