Geography Quiz #1

I used to do Geography Quizes on my old blog and decided it was fun enough to keep doing it here. 

Some will be relatively easy, some will mention little, obscure places and you’ll be wondering why on earth we are doing this. My daughter has to answer the questions using only her atlases and globe. The computer can only be consulted when she can’t find it on either atlas (and I have verified it so).  As our fingers do the traveling we get curious about the places we visit and we then use the Internet to learn more about them.  The answers will be posted in a few days. Until then, have fun!

Which countries border the Gulf of Tonkin?

The Torres Strait passes between which three countries?

In which year did the British Lease on Hongkong Expire?

Where would you look for the Deccan Plateau?

The Palk Strait passes between which two countries?

The Aral Sea is a small and continually shrinking Sea in which countries?

The Island of Sakhalin has been claimed by which two countries to be theirs.

If Russia has Lake Baykal, who has Lake Balkhash?

The Chinese province of Xizang is known to many by which other name?

A very large part of Bangladesh is occupied by the delta and floodplains of which river?

Where again do we find the gulf of Ob?

The Aldan, Lena, Yana, and Taz, are all rivers in which country?

If you decide to drive south along the shoreline from Vladivostok you’d soon come to which border crossing with very unfriendly, and unsmiling guards?

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