Fieldtrip to Recycle Facility

Paula, our guide. Everyone loved her. She was great, and had a lot of patience for someone constantly interrupted by enthusiastic kids and parents.

A recent call to the local recycling facility had unexpected bonuses.  After I set up an appointment to bring in some hazardous waste, I asked if they would host field-trips. And they do! Even better, they don’t mind homeschoolers. Many places, we’ve found, don’t like homeschoolers, and ignore fieldtrip requests.  I quickly posted about it on our homeschool facebook page and found several other interested families.  So, last Friday, we descended on the facility. Since we had several young kids we didn’t do the entire ‘presentation’ which was held by a sweet young lady by the name of Paula. At any rate, we learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The children each received a scented pencil made from recycled newsprint as well as a pencil sharpener made from recycled plastic.

Things made with recycled material. The little stuffed toy contains stuffing made with as much as 10 water bottles of plastic.
This bowl, made from upcycled magazine paper was actually surprisingly heavy.


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