So, I messed up the potatoes yesterday…

We grill at least 5 times, if not more per week, when the weather is favorable. And yesterday was no exception. For lunch I grilled Asian style marinated chicken breast strips to go with, made from scratch, fried rice. For dinner we were planning on bratwurst, red grilled potatoes, and veggies. Well, I overcooked the potatoes. You know the small red-skinned ones? Darn, now what?!  They were to be parboiled, not ready to be mashed, boiled.  Then I remembered the ‘Crash Hot Potatoes’ recipe from Pioneer woman. Yes, I could make it, take pictures and post it here, but why re-invent the wheel? Her pictures are much better anyway.

I made  a few adjustments though. Instead of a pastry brush to distribute the olive oil on the baking sheet, I used my Misto to spray the oil. I also used my Misto to spray the potatoes with olive oil, rather than brush it on. My potato masher was a problem as well. The potatoes got stuck in the gaps and I resorted to ‘crashing’ the potatoes with the bottom of a small bowl. Push the skin away to the side a little so the potato gets nice and crispy on top.

Since I had no fresh rosemary on hand, I resorted to what I do have on hand…chives. Boy, do we grow chives.  So after the potatoes were a satisfying crispy brown around the edges, and ready to be served, I snipped, with my kitchen shears, fresh chives, straight from the garden, on top of it all.

All I need to add to this is what my family said after dinner: ‘Mom, can you please mess up the potatoes again tomorrow?’

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