Sometimes ‘Stubborn’ gets things done just in time!

I did a lot of yardwork yesterday. Readied a small bed for vegetable seeds, sowed the seeds, got stuff for the lawnmower, tried to start it, cursed it,  went back to get more stuff (grrrrr), and finally started it (and in between that all the usual Mom stuff of feeding family, cleaning etc) . By then IT man said it was too late to mow the lawn. But I was hell bent that this was a job I didn’t want dragging into Sunday. IT man isn’t well, so he is on stricktly enforced rest and couldn’t help.  I went ahead and mowed and was done after 7 PM. So why was ‘stubborn’ a good thing? We had a massive rainstorm late last night which would have totally messed with yardwork today.

Today I want to do laundry, some office work and clean out the homeschool drawers.



                             Sigh. A strong woman’s work is never done.



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